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Customery helps Microsoft customers and partners build amazing, agile Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform applications

Learn how to create Microsoft Business Applications that everyone will love with our interactive, top-rated online courses created by Neil Benson, certified Scrum professional and Microsoft MVP.

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Benefits of Customery Academy's programs

Agile for Microsoft Business Apps

Learn proven practices from a veteran Dynamics 365 and Power Platform professional not just classroom theory from a trainer.

Flexible online education

Join thousands of other business apps builders and learn how to apply an agile approach from your office, home or even the beach.

For your whole team

Join as an individual or a team and start to shrink delivery timelines, slash project budgets, mitigate technical risks and have a lot more fun.

Meet the Scrum Business Applications Superheroes

Congratulations to all the Customery Academy students who have achieved Professional Scrum Master certification

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80+ PSM1 graduates

Over 80 students have achieved their Professional Scrum Master I certification after completing our training.

3000+ students

We've sent a personalised welcome video to each of the 3,000 students have joined our courses since we launched in 2017. 

20+ teams

Over 20 partners and customers have enrolled their teams in our Scrum for Microsoft Business Apps - Team plan.

Thank you to our Microsoft customer and partner teams

Why should Microsoft Business Apps builders get certified in Scrum?

There are nearly 30 Microsoft certifications available in Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform. Double that if you include Azure. Achieving a couple of Microsoft certifications is important for your career as a Microsoft Business Applications professional, especially if you work for a Microsoft partner.

But pursing all the badges like you're trying to fill the shirt sleeve on a Scout shirt, won't help you stand out. Here are four reasons why a Scrum certification makes sense for everyone involved in Microsoft Business Apps.

Microsoft certifications are technical and don't show off that you can work as part of a high-performing team, which is what every hiring manager is looking for.

The Professional Scrum Master I certification from is the perfect Scrum fundamentals certification because shows you understand the basics, you can get certified without taking an expensive two-day class, and it never expires.

More Microsoft customers than ever before are expecting an agile approach: short iterations, rapid feedback, cross-functional teams. In response, Microsoft partners are recruiting people like you who have a Scrum certification.

Working in a self-managing, cross-functional team is a lot more fun that being assigned tasks in a death march waterfall project. Adopt Scrum and you'll have the time of your life at work.

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