Agile Foundations for Microsoft Business Apps

Agile Foundations
for Microsoft Business Applications

Learn about agile software development and discover the benefits of Scrum for
implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Apps, Power Automate and Power BI

Can your business applications team become more agile?

The Agile Foundations for Microsoft Business Apps course is ideal if you are interesting in learning about agile software development and how business apps projects can benefit from an agile approach.

After taking this course, you'll understand the history of agile software development, and it's values and principles. You'll also discover the Scrum framework and the benefits it can bring to your Dynamics 365 or Power Platform project.

What you will learn on this course

In about an hour, the Agile Foundations for Microsoft Business Applications course, will help you understand agile software development, and the basics and benefits of the Scrum framework in six high-quality videos, with captions, transcripts and quizzes.

Why I use Scrum to implement Microsoft Business Applications

Learn how I got started with Scrum on a Dynamics CRM project in 2008 after the Analysis phase nearly ended in disaster when we tried using SureStep.

The Fallacy of Requirements

An exploration of the challenges of capturing requirements faithfully, accurately and completely, and what happened to my client when they stopped trying to specify all the users' requirements upfront.

Agile Primer

A brief history of agile software development since 1990, and an introduction to the Agile Manifesto, its founders, values and principles.

The Scrum framework

Scrum is the most popular agile software development framework and ideal for being applied to Microsoft Business Applications projects. Learn about the two main Scrum certification bodies and the basics of the Scrum framework.

Benefits of Scrum

Discover the top ten benefits of Scrum for Microsoft Business Applications projects that my clients and my teams have experienced for the past 10 years.

How to Learn Scrum

I share my recommendations on which Scrum certification path is most suitable for Microsoft Business Applications professionals, how to learn Scrum, and achieve your certification.



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Great intro!

Looking forward to the Scrum fo MSFT Business Apps course!

3 months ago
Great intro for a beginner like me

Neil's awesome vibe helped me understand and tackle this course more easily

3 months ago
Good start

Gave a good overall view to beginners and potential changing the strategy

4 months ago
Perfect starting point!

This mini-course has been the perfect starting point for me in order to take the Scrum for Microsoft Business Apps course and then pursue the PSM 1 certificate.

5 months ago
Nice foundation course

Very nicely explained the Scrum concept

5 months ago
Involving, educational and fun

The course is well structured and it’s clear that Neil talks from experience. Well presented, the use of Lego is inspiring and fun. Highly recommended.

5 months ago
Great introduction to the world of Agile and Scrum

Thanks Neil for a great course. I have worked on the edges of a couple of projects delivered with an agile methodology, but your course gave me a greater understanding. Microsoft Business Applications are made to be delivered with this mindset: Value-adding solutions delivered quickly with greater collaboration.

5 months ago
Very Good!!!

Excellent Course. Very didactive and entertaining. Highly recommended.

5 months ago
Great Introduction to Agile and SCRUM

A very targeted and well constructed introduction to Agile and SCRUM. In a very short time you have a good understanding of the core concepts.

7 months ago

Very useful training! Concepts and principles very clear.

7 months ago
Lean and powerfull

The course itself in line with the agile principles, provides the opportunity to grab the knowledge in a short time.

8 months ago
Very nice introduction course

Thanks for your involvement for the community. You released a very nice introduction course with major point to take into account for our projects. I definitely want to know more about you agile vision

8 months ago
Primer course for Agile and Scrum

Precise,clear and well structured course for beginners

8 months ago
Inspiring introduction

Thank you Neil for this introduction to scrum. It is a really easy to follow course with a lot of insights and real life examples. I recommend it to anyone wanting to implement projects in a better way.

8 months ago
Extremely Great Content

Thank you for such a wonderful content.. This give me fair insight about scrum and way to incorporate in our project.

8 months ago
Great Introductory course

It’s a excellent introduction to the Agile and Scrum world!

8 months ago
Inspirational introduction

Thank you for sharing this inspirational introduction to Scrum and the benefits of using it with Microsoft Biz Apps. Well structured, simple to follow and great mix of visuals.

8 months ago
Great learning course

It's a well developed and easy to understand course. Very helpful to gain knowledge about agile and scrum.

8 months ago
Simple and Real

Thank you Neil. Your presentation and contents are superb.

9 months ago
Brilliant intro to scrum course

Great course and brilliantly presented. Easy to understand and follow. Would highly recommend it.

9 months ago
Simple and easy to understand with great visuals

The lessons were very easy to understand. I liked the use of legos to illustrate the topics in discussion

9 months ago
Excellent introduction to SCRUM methodology and it's benefits to MS Business App projects

This is a very well constructed introduction to SCRUM methodology in relations to Microsoft Business Applications, easy to digest and informative! I look forward to taking another course with you very soon!

9 months ago
Great Course Very Insightful

Thank you Neil, this is a very simple and easy to understand course. Loved the presentation!

9 months ago
Great Explanation

Very informative overview and explanation. Thank you)

9 months ago
Great intro and information to use in explaining the key principles

Thank you Neil for the course - I needed a refresher piece that was quick and accessible - your course certainly did fit the bill. Great information to use in discussions with my Board and Exec in the delicate art of bringing them along an agile delivery journey when they are heavily entrenched in waterfall and traditional processes!

10 months ago
New path

Thank you Neil. Pretty much useful information. You opened my eyes to new ways to do things. Work fast work smart!

10 months ago
Great course!

Nice and simple structure of the course provided a good introduction to agile and scrum methods.

10 months ago
Realy interesting course

simplified and easy to understand, it covers the fondamentals of agile for business apps

10 months ago
Great Insights

Thanks, Neil for putting the course and well presented!

10 months ago
Great presentation and explanation

Thank you Neil for this course. Fantastic presentation and explanation! I loved the LEGOs!

10 months ago
Keeping it simple and at the same time informative!

I appreciate the way the presentation of the entire course was done. Very simple to follow and at the same time getting all the information needed to understand Agile and SCRUM at a high level. Thanks Neil!

10 months ago
Informative Course

The course was simple and informative.

10 months ago
Great overview/refresher

Thank you for putting this together. Well worth my time.

10 months ago
The best Overview for Scrum

Thanks, awsome exposure to Scrum

10 months ago
Very good Introduction Course

Its nice course with real world project scenario. Good Work!

10 months ago
Fantastic overview course

Thanks Neil for putting this thorough course together. It comes to life when you’ve related concepts to real life project scenarios. Thanks again

10 months ago
Very Nice Explanation

Concepts have been explained very well

10 months ago
Very Good Overview

Great exposure to Scrum

10 months ago
Very insightful and informative sessions

Thanks Neil for providing great content and very helpful resources on Scrum.

10 months ago
Relevant, informative & simple

What a lovely course taster Neil! Awesome content. Appreciate your sharing of experiences.

10 months ago
Really Recommended for any Business apps consultants

Clear and Well Explained.

10 months ago
Excellent information, very exciting way to introduce one to Scrum.

Beautifully explained and demonstrated... I liked the examples provided and i was able to link it with my current Projects.Thanks

11 months ago
Great overview of the foundations, would definitely recommend the course

Great overview of the foundations, would definitely recommend the course

11 months ago
Very good introduction to the subject

Recommended for a first view of the subject

11 months ago
Love it

I love your passion for Scrum and Business Apps Neil. A match made in heaven to be sure. :)

11 months ago
Very Informative Introduction

Excellent course and a wonderful introduction to Scrum.

11 months ago
Excellent introduction to scrum

Thanks to Neil for a fun, enthusiastic and useful introduction to scrum. Recommended for anyone in IT or not.

11 months ago
Excellent sequence of explanation

Wonderful explanation of Agile and Scrum. More with pictures rather than words which is easy to understand.

11 months ago
Great Introduction to Scrum Framework

I have heard of the word Scrum and Agile but never looked into it much before this video. Neil is passionate about Scrum and does a fantastic job explaining what it is. I loved the way he used Legos to explain this and it makes total sense. Thank you for making this video available for everyone for free.

11 months ago
Elaboration at its best

This is wonderful explanation using some very easy-going terminologies though touching the core concepts. I am privileged to be part of this activity who participated and didn't anticipate that this will be such a wonderful course to attend.

12 months ago
Great introduction to Agile and Scrum


12 months ago
Great short and practical

Great resources to have a fresh and updated view to implement MS Business Solutions!!!

12 months ago
Very Informative

This is an excellent course to cover basic knowledge about agile/scrum project management. Thank you Neil!

12 months ago
Great introduction to Scrum

This short course is great for anyone that is new to Scrum and wants to know how it can be used to implement Microsoft Business Applications. Neil explains everything really well and I love the use of LEGO characters which brings a fun element to the course. Thanks Neil.

12 months ago
Agile Ready

Scrum explained in the most accessible and encouraging way. How is this brilliant course free? Why aren't we all doing this? Thank-you, Neil.

12 months ago
Good Intro of Scrum

Very Informative.

12 months ago
Valuable information why use SCRUM to implement Dynamics 365

Session was well outlined how Scrum Framework adds benefits to Customer and the development team.

12 months ago
Great overview and refresher course

The Foundation course is a great overview for those new to Agile/Scrum outlining the basic principles. Neil's crisp and clear explanation combined with his personal experience and real life examples, makes it easy and fun to digest.

12 months ago
Nice overview

Nice and quick overview

12 months ago

A very nice introduction to scrum/agile subject. The presentation is nice to follow and well explained.

12 months ago
Great session

Short and quick description

1 year ago
Excellent starter kit content

Course is a very good foundation for layman (including customer, developers, managers etc) who are starting their Agile journey.

1 year ago
Agile & Scrum introduction

Good information on scrum.

1 year ago
Perfect mix of why and how

I've come to the Customery Academy because our project management team is in shambles. In name, it's an Agile shop, but in practice, it's a woeful mish-mash of the waterfall method and the whim of the lead PM. I'm familiar with Neil and his training style from CRMUG. I'm encouraged after taking this introduction to be the trailblazer in our company. Thanks for this course to build my confidence while covering the basics of the Scrum framework and methodology.

1 year ago
Great refresher

Course could be used a refresher. It's crisp and clear. Great work. Happy Sprinting!

1 year ago

session was very fruitful for me.

1 year ago
Good Intro to Agile and Scrum

Very Good Content and Character Examples Are Is Very Innovative

1 year ago
Excellent introduction to Agile and Scrum fundamentals

It was really an awesome introductory course for agile development and great knowledge sharing for scrum history its evolution and in last, the certification details. I loved the course content. As a beginner, after joining this course I am now able to understand its evolution, manifesto, important keywords, terminologies, benefits, main principles and a little more about how to proceed for scrum certification in the future. Many Thanks to Neil Benson.

1 year ago
Superb contents and superb way to deliver the Agile Foundation information

Very happy to go through this Agile Foundation mini course. Neil has briefed the Agile Foundation information in a superb way that a layman can also understand very easily. Kudos Neil and Customery Team.

1 year ago
Fast intro to why Scrum and Agile is essential for Dynamics 365 development

A great refresher course to keep me on the path! Thanks.

1 year ago
An Intro to Agile that makes sense

Content is very relevant to new and experienced Dynamics 365 practicioners

1 year ago
A great introduction to Agile!

Superb introduction by Neil to Agile techniques and justification for why you should be using them. Great for both the seasoned and the new.

1 year ago
excellent introduction to SCRUM and Agile

The course served as an excellent refresher to my existing knowledge of SCRUM and validated my belief that SCRUM and Agile methodologies can and should be used when developing Microsoft CRM Business Application projects. Thank you so much Neil for putting this together

1 year ago

It's very informative.

1 year ago
Great source to understand the Agile approach

This course really helped me strengthen my knowledge around Agile methodologies and how I can be part of an Agile team implementing Microsoft Business Applications. I highly recommend it to anyone who is currently working or going to work in an Agile environment.

1 year ago
Great Agile Refresher

Even though, I work in the Agile software development area during my profession daily job, it was great to get a refresher again in Scrum/Agile framework. I personally liked the Fallacy of the requirements process video. Really like the course. Thanks.

1 year ago
very informative

Really like the course, very informative !

1 year ago

Neil Benson

Welcome to Customery. My mission is to help everyone use the Scrum framework to successfully implement Microsoft Business Applications. That’s why I created the Scrum for Microsoft Business Apps course, as well as my blog and podcast.

I started using the Scrum framework to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM in 2008. In fact, the case study of my first project is one of the lessons in the course. I’ve been working with CRM systems for over 20 years and implementing them for the past 16 years.

I took my Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster training with Mike Cohn and I’m a certified Professional Scrum Master and Professional Product Owner too.

I love pitching, envisioning and delivering agile Microsoft Business Applications projects that provide amazing results for my customers. And amazing experiences for their users and their customers.

As well as running consulting practices for a national firm in the US and a global professional services firm, I’ve started and sold a Microsoft hosting and consulting company. I’ve also spent over ten years as an independent consultant leading Scrum teams delivering successful CRM outcomes.

Microsoft has given me a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award each year since 2010 for my thought-leadership in the Microsoft Business Applications community. I’ve organised and spoken at numerous Microsoft conferences and user groups in person and online.

I grew up in Belfast and I've lived in Edinburgh, London and Los Angeles. So now you know where my messed-up accent comes from. Today, I live in Brisbane, Australia, with my family who help me build LEGO models for Customery. And if I wasn't delivering Business Applications with Scrum, I'd love to be a pizzaiolo with my own pizzeria.

Brian Illand

Microsoft Practice Lead

An excellent course - one to give your customers if they still have a waterfall-style, fixed-price / fixed-scope mentality that isn't working. What makes this course superb are the simple but practical real-world tips that make it easy for everyone to understand.