How to get your training investment reimbursed by Microsoft

Learn how Microsoft partners can use their Microsoft Co-op Incentive funding to get their agile training investment reimbursed by Microsoft.

As a partner in the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN), you have access to various incentives programs that can reward you for delivering services to customers. These programs can also help you expand your business, including internal training.

Customery's Microsoft-specific, co-fund eligible training courses include:

About Microsoft's partner incentive programs

To find out more about the various incentive programs that Microsoft makes available to its partners, start here: Get Started with Microsoft Partner Incentives [Microsoft Docs].

If you are already enrolled as a Microsoft partner and have access to Microsoft Partner Central, you can get access to more detailed information here: Microsoft Partner Incentives [Partner Central] and can download the co-op guide here: Partner Incentives Co-Op Guidebook [Partner Central].

How can Customery Academy training investments be reimbursed by Microsoft?

Microsoft partners can earn cooperative marketing (co-op) funds through Microsoft incentive programs by claiming reimbursement for activities that support Microsoft product awareness. Learn more about co-op fund claims: Earn cooperative marketing funds [Microsoft Docs].

Microsoft partners can submit a co-op claim for internal training courses like Customery Academy's Scrum for Microsoft Business Apps course, Estimating Business Apps course or Winning Agile Projects masterclass. Learn more: Incentive core requirements for internal training [Microsoft Docs].

Customery Academy's courses are eligible because, unlike any other agile training, our content is 100% focused on Microsoft. It's aimed at Microsoft professionals, especially those selling and building Dynamics 365 and Power Platform applications.

How to submit a Microsoft co-op fund claim

Follow these steps to submit a Microsoft co-op fund claim: Create and manage a co-op incentives claim [Microsoft Docs].

When you submit your claim for internal training, you'll need to provide Microsoft with a copy of your paid Customery invoice and a screen shot of the training course agenda which you can get from your course dashboard. 

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