Scrum Mythbusters Game
A fun video quiz to test your team's knowledge of the Scrum framework

How well does your team know the Scrum Guide?

The Scrum Mythbusters Game will present your team with 32 statements about the Scrum Framework and it's up to your team to sort the myths from the facts.

Scrum masters! This is a fun icebreaker you can use at the start of a new project or in one of your retrospectives to see if you development team and product owner have been paying attention to your coaching.

The course includes 32 statements presented in a short video that includes answers and explanations with closed captions. You'll also receive the presentation and a printable handout.

Course Curriculum

Neil Benson

Welcome to Customery. My mission is to help everyone use the Scrum framework to successfully implement Microsoft Business Applications. That’s why I created the Scrum for Microsoft Business Apps course, as well as my blog and podcast.

I started using the Scrum framework to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM in 2008. In fact, the case study of my first project is one of the lessons in the course. I’ve been working with CRM systems for over 20 years and implementing them for the past 16 years.

I took my Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster training with Mike Cohn and I’m a certified Professional Scrum Master and Professional Product Owner too.

I love pitching, envisioning and delivering agile Microsoft Business Applications projects that provide amazing results for my customers. And amazing experiences for their users and their customers.

As well as running consulting practices for a national firm in the US and a global professional services firm, I’ve started and sold a Microsoft hosting and consulting company. I’ve also spent over ten years as an independent consultant leading Scrum teams delivering successful CRM outcomes.

Microsoft has given me a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award each year since 2010 for my thought-leadership in the Microsoft Business Applications community. I’ve organised and spoken at numerous Microsoft conferences and user groups in person and online.

I grew up in Belfast and I've lived in Edinburgh, London and Los Angeles. So now you know where my messed-up accent comes from. Today, I live in Brisbane, Australia, with my family who help me build LEGO models for Customery. And if I wasn't delivering Business Applications with Scrum, I'd love to be a pizzaiolo with my own pizzeria.

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